Unicorn Automation Scanners

Scanners: Fully Automated ultrasonic scanning test equipment for non destructive testing of steel tubes and other products.

Consistent with our philosophy of custom designed equipment to suit a diverse range of applications, Unicorn have a range of scanning systems offering unique solutions to specific testing requirements. Two examples of these are shown below.

  • Pi Scan Open or Close

    An Ultrasonic testing system for the detection of imperfections oriented at any angle to the major axes of tubular products.

    The standard Unicorn Rotary Probes are generally used to detect longitudinal and transversely oriented imperfections. Some tube/pipe users however are concerned about the possible incidence of imperfections lying at intermediate orientations to the longitudinal and transverse directions which would not normally be detectable with the standard inspection methods.

    Unicorn have developed the Pi-Scan system specifically to satisfy this requirement. The comprehensive inspection is accomplished by rotating (at very high speed) a cluster of transducers in a contact shoe mating on the tube surface. Full length inspection can be carried out either by spiralling the tube past a fixed inspection station or traversing the spinning device along a fixed rotating tube

    Reasonable inspection times (6 minutes per pipe) can be achieved by using multiples of the spinning inspection head on the same site.



  • RevScanOpen or Close

    Some tube production processes, such as that for plastic pipes, produce tubes at a relatively slow speed and only require perhaps a wall thickness measurement around the circumference. To use one of the standard Unicorn rotary heads for this type of application would be an 'overkill' and Unicorn have therefore produced a relatively low cost oscillating scanner known as the REVSCAN

    The REVSCAN consists of an oscillating faceplate (typically 2 revs/sec) driven by a belt from a standard motor and gearbox. Mounted from the faceplate are two or four wall thickness probe units either contact shoe type or , if the customer prefers, "free jet" type. The contact shoe type has a fully gimballed probe block with a specially developed ultra-low water flow system; different tube diameters are accommodated by using interchangeable probe blocks with matching radii. The complete mechanical unit can be installed within a very short space in the production line and does not have any special requirements. Each probe block contains a single ultrasonic compression wave transducer for the measurement of wall thickness.