Travelling Probe Systems

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    In addition to the range of ultrasonic rotating heads Unicorn also supply an Ultrasonic Travelling Probe System for large diameter heavy wall tubes. This system uses the more conventional rotating tube/travelling probe technique which, for the customer, may be more cost effective than the alternative very large rotating system (URP700/S).

    Although testing speeds cannot match the rotary head alternative there are advantages in terms of (1) quick change flexibility, (2) the ability to test up to 80mm wall thickness, (3) shorter untested end lengths and (4) no limit to maximum O.D. size.

    Typical test speeds using twin scanners testing the tube at the same time are:-
    Maximum O.D. (e.g. 700mm) - 2.5 metres/min.
    Minimum O.D. (e.g. 200mm) - 7.5 metres/min.