Weld Test Systems, Gas Cylinder Testing, C-MAX, Water Filtration

Below you will find product overviews for the following:-

Weld Test Systems: generally sited on line in the sizing mill of Electric Weld Mills and suitable for tube diameters in the range 90-220mm and 177.8-500mm..

Gas Cylinder Testing: Fully automated ultrasonic test systems for gas cylinders suspended vertically on an overhead conveyor (or traditional horizontal orientation).

Electronics: Associated with all Unicorn "turnkey systems" is our C-Max Electronics Processing Equipment.

Water Recirculation Systems: To compliment all ultrasonic test systems where required.

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    Ultrasonic Test Equipment for Mid-Range Welded Tubes

    Generally sited on line in the sizing mill of Electric Weld mills and suitable for tube diameters in the range 90 – 220mm; this ultrasonic inspection unit can carry 2 or 4 transducers mounted in contact shoe probe blocks.

    The individual trailing arm probe assemblies have automatic lift systems for negotiating windows cut in the tube and in addition there is combined raise/lower system to accommodate traversing off line onto the calibration stand. The whole unit is adjustable in height to accommodate the different diameter tubes produced.

    The probe assemblies are mounted on a tracking arc which allows automatic circumferential positional adjustment in the event of any weld wander. An on board camera is used to provide visual recognition to the welding operator of any weld wander.

    weld test system small

    Large Electric Weld System suitable for diameter range 177.8 to 508mm diameter.

    These weld line inspection systems can be located either on-line, in the sizing mill, or in an off-line 'Acceptance Test' station. The probe system consists of 2 or 3 pairs of transducers (depending on pipe thickness) each located in specially designed probe blocks which are referenced to the tube under test by means of interchangeable contact shoes. Each probe unit is supported by a gimbal frame which is in turn mounted on a spring loaded trailing arm.

    The complete probe assembly is mounted onto a rotateable ring which can be driven circumferentially from signals derived from a weld position sensing device. The positional adjustment of the transducers relative to the weld (for calibration purposes) is achieved semi-automatically using a remotely controlled drive system on each probe arm; as an option this can be fully automated and the operator simply keys in diameter and thickness parameters, where upon the probe units will automatically move to the optimum positions.

    weld test system 20inch
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    Fully automated ultrasonic testing of gas cylinders mounted vertically

    Unicorn have installed a vertical ultrasonic gas cylinder test system at a cylinder refurbishment plant in Wolverhampton.

    The all new cylinder refurbishment and testing plant utilises an overhead conveyor to transport the gas cylinders vertically through automatic shot blasting and painting systems as well as the automatic ultrasonic test station. The fully automated ultrasonic test system utilises some of the technology developed by Unicorn for their renowned tube testing systems, which use rotating ultrasonic heads.

    Successive cylinders move along the conveyor and as each one reaches a fixed datum point the ultrasonic system restrains and rotates the hanging cylinder while the multi probe transducer assembly scans down the cylinder length. Inspection for longitudinal, transverse and 45º oblique defects can be carried out simultaneously as well as the continuous monitoring of wall thickness. The scanning assembly is mounted on a rotateable base to allow the probe scanner to be applied onto calibration cylinders positioned at 90º to the test line. Typically, a calibration check is carried out automatically every 8 cylinders. The calibration cylinders contain the various artificial defects, which are used to set the test parameters, and up to six different size cylinders can be mounted on the rotateable calibration carousel.

    The complete system has been designed to be fully automatic in operation with results data for each cylinder passed to the plant computer. The electronics used with the system is based around Unicorn’s own C-MAX ultrasonic processing system, which is optimised for high performance multi channel systems. A Windows NT based man machine interface provides access to all the ultrasonic test information including ‘A’ Scan displays and Test Charts for results information.

    In addition to the full body defect and thickness test, the system also incorporates an automatic base thickness measurement system; this system uses a single ultrasonic transducer with a laminar flow water jet system and an automatic positioning mechanism below the base of the cylinder.

    A self-contained water Recirculating system with the necessary pump filtration and treatment facilities complete the system package.

    Traditional horizontal cylinder test units are also available from Unicorn

    Gas Cylinder Test Systems
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    Associated with all Unicorn "turnkey systems", or available separately, is our C-MAX Electronics processing equipment. These are high performance ultrasonic generation and processing units designed to meet the demanding high speed testing capabilities of our ultrasonic equipment.

    The operator interface and results processing is designed around Windows to provide a comprehensive and easy to use control environment. The common level of understanding of the Windows environment helps enormously in reducing operator training time allowing them to achieve a high level of competence and confidence in ultrasonic testing with minimal reference to manuals. Many facilities are available to make configuration easier and testing faster and more reliable. Some notable features are listed below:

    Automatic calibration. The system will automatically adjust defect detection gates and amplifier gain settings according to signals obtained from the test standard (e.g. tube with notches and/or wall reductions).

    A-Scan capture to allow dynamic viewing of a transient notch signal. This is particularly useful with high speed rotary probes.

    Defect Discrimination. Sophisticated analysis facilities are available to be applied to pulse echo results in order to reduce spurious defect indications. This analysis can be performed at full PRF rate on all channels in real time !! This technique allows high integrity testing without the common compromise of reductions in production throughput due to false indications.

    Non Multiplexed. All C-MAX channels in a multi channel system "fire" in parallel, (i.e. with no multiplexing) even at the highest PRF rates (e.g. 20KHz) and up to 128 channels. This allows the Unicorn rotary probes to be used at peak performance in terms of production throughput rate.

  • Water Systems Open or Close

    Associated with most of our ultrasonic test systems there is a requirement for a clean water supply at relatively high flow rates. The water systems we supply are suitable for this and many more general industrial uses. Systems are customised for the individual application but have the following common features:

    Up to three stages of filtering , Hydro cyclones, Sand and Cartridge

    Fabricated in stainless steel grade 304D

    Skid mounted with base plate for compact construction

    Independent PLC control system for continuous automatic use

    Water chilling facilities available for hot climate operation

    Integral frost protection facilities available

    Customisation for each application provides a wide choice of capabilities and specifications , in particular flow rates, pressures and particulate size filtering. Alternatively a combination of bag filters followed by cartridge filters. A typical specification is shown below as an example, but contact us to discuss you own requirements.